Mt Olivet Re-Roof

Metal Roof

A case study of the re-roof of Mt. olivet reroof in Hartwell GA

The original structure structure, a 10,000 sq ft Butler Building, was built in 1975 with Butler Rib I roof panels. As the church's needs grew, a width extension was added using a different building system. After 39 years in place the Butler roof was still preforming exceptional, though the transition had always given trouble due to improper installation of the addition. After exhausting all efforts over the years to remedy the situation and being pleased with the performance of their Butler roof for four decades, the decision was made to end the leak once and for all. 


Using Butler's MR-24 roofing system with low-profile metal over metal re-roof application, additional installation and the support clips are install directly to the existing roof deck. This translates into zero down time during the installation and an increase in energy efficiency for years after the installation is complete. Butler's MR-24 roofing system also offers the only field formed 360 degree Pittsburgh double lock seam, which offers undeniable performance and the track record to prove just that. 


Check back and follow our progress as we breathe new life into a troubled roof. And to find out more about Butler's MR-24 just click HERE